Daily Affirmation: No more lies!

I let go of all the lies I tell myself. Read it, believe it, receive it!

Hunay!!!! Let me repeat that one more time, just for myself.  I let go
of all the lies I tell myself.


I stopped lying to myself "officially" in 2004. I'm a realist, so the
lies I would tell myself were rationalizations. 

I did XYZ because XYZ happened or because XYZ did XYZ.  Common of those that
play victim and have difficulty accepting responsibility for their own


Adults do what they want to do.

Often times we limit our thought process to believing that we have no
choice. That's a lie. You may not want to do something so you
verbalize that you can't.  You may want to do it, but not bad enough. Some
things you want, may require additional steps, which you aren't ready to

"I can't quit my job."

Yes you can. You would need to develop a plan:

                What type of work would you like to do instead?

                Determine an exit strategy 

Replace the word “can’t” with:

                I choose not to

                I won’t

                I don’t want to

                I’ve decided not to

We lie to ourselves about people in our lives.

“I know he loves me although he has other women.”
 “Aunt Loraine isn’t a drunk, she’s just animated.”

Healing emotional wounds requires you to get rid of denial that beautifies ugly truths of family history, relationships, and personal experience.

Positive thoughts will make magnificent changes in your life. If you
know someone who could benefit from these affirmations, share away!