Daily Affirmation: I radiate positive energy

I radiate positive energy. Read it, believe it, receive it! People often say, "I'm happy, I'm just not smiling." *I used to be one of those people* Years ago my friend asked her son, "are you happy?" He replied, "yes." She then instructed, "well smile, if you're happy." He smiled, I smiled,and she smiled. Children usually generate great positive energy. A young child can smile at us and all of life's worries are gone for those few seconds. A smile has nourishing properties. I make an effort to smile at everyone I see each day. Something as simple as a smile, can make a world of difference for someone with no hope. These interactions need to be genuine.

In order to radiate positive energy, you must come from a good place. You have to take care of yourself!!!

Love and accept yourself for where you are today.
Be appreciative.
Pour into others, but leave enough for yourself.
Laugh often.
Today is the best day of your life. (Every day)
Laugh often. (No typo)
Don't give your power away!

Positive thoughts will make magnificent changes in your life. If you know someone who could benefit from these affirmations, share away! Are you happy? Email me or let's discuss in the comments. Have a  wonderful week!