Living my life to the beat of my own drum

My friend asked me, "What does "living life to the beat of my own drum" mean to you? I notice people say it a lot but they do what everybody else does. Lol" I immediately thought GREAT post!

Here is my response to her: I think people just like to pretend to be free from the worlds restraints. & it's what we've been taught to say. But the restraints are what keep people from believing that they can actually do whatever it is that they want to. Plus it's safe to stay in line with the rest of the band.

Innately  my response is doing what I want to do. However, people used to always tell me, you can't do what you want. They wanted to revise my statement to include "within reason." People love to put limitations on others.

The only limitations you have are the ones that you set. You have permission and the right to do whatever your heart desires. I won't say within reason, because adults do what they want to do surrounding their value system and morality.

What's important to you? Go after it! Step aside from the drum line, leave the band, and be the soloist that you were destined to be.

Live. Love. Action
1. Smile
2.Take a deep breathe
3.Beat your drum and rock on with your bad self ;)


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