Phenomenal Fridays

Phenomenal Fridays- I wanted to highlight phenomenal females who took the leap of faith towards their passions and life’s purpose.

I interviewed D’Shara Diggs owner of J’adore’s Closet. She was gracious enough to share her insight and experiences with fear.

J'adore Logo

J'adore Logo

1.) Tell me a little about yourself and your company. Hi Im D'Shara Diggs a 25 year old native of Norfolk VA, My company is J'adore's Closet children’s boutique and consignment shop. The idea to start my company was soley based off of my love for my 4 years old son J'adore. I've always loved to dress and style him from birth. Sometimes changing his clothes four times a day. The concept of J'adores Closet came about when I decided to clean J'adore's Closet and have a yard sale with all of his old clothing. From there the idea kind of went viral, eventually over a 8 month period I started to sell high end retail items, boutique items, and lastly opening a boutique in VA Beach.

J'adore's Closet Fashion Show

J'adore's Closet Fashion Show

2.) What challenges do you think you face for being a woman in your field? In my field I face few challenges. The biggest challenge was myself in the very beginning. However,  since I’ve started my business I've faced very small challenges such as negative remarks from others, which will always happen.

3.) What advice do you have for any woman considering starting her own brand/business? My advice to those women would be like Nike- JUST DO IT. If you can dream it, you can live it. When you have ideas write them down, give yourself realistic goals, both short and long term and surround yourself with those who inspire and motivate you to start that business.

4.) Have you ever dealt with self-doubt regarding your company? In the very beginning there were tons of self doubt. I allowed the spirit of fear to stop me from even living out my dreams. I then realized that doubt and fear would hurt me more than it would to try and fail.

J'adore Closet during Fashion Week

J'adore Closet during Fashion Week

5.) What's your daily mantra?   I actually have 3 of them

1) I am thankful for what I have, even if my life is not perfect.

2) There's a blessing somewhere and today I’m going to find it.


3) Today I will impact someone’s life in a positive way.

Be sure to check out Ja’dores Closet and all the wonderful things D’Shara is offering aside from cute clothing for the babes. 

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