30 Things that make me happy

So often we discuss the negatives and the bad things happening to us. I actually avoid these conversations UNLESS we are getting to a solution. Complaining without change is pointless. However today I wanted to share 30 things that make me happy. Despite life’s little annoyances, we can find happiness in everything, if we want to.


1.     Forehead kisses

2.     Rainbows 

3.     Bacon 

4.     Cupcakes 

5.     Mid day naps

6.     Long hot showers 

7.     Instant friendships 

8.     Catching up with an old friend 

9.     Handwritten letters 

10.  Bubble baths

11. Finding money I didn't know I lost 

12. Baby's giggling 

13. Children telling jokes

14. Free wifi 

15.  Butterflies

16.  Making others smile 

17.  Laughing until I cry 

18.  Playing taboo 

19.  Full tank of gas 

20.  Ice cream cones in the summer

21.  Clouds resembling images

22. The smell of fresh laundry

23. Pink sand 

24. The feel of fresh bed sheets

25.  Fresh lemonade 

26. Eating a home cooked meal from scratch that I didn't have to prepare 

27. President Obama 

28.  The smell of fresh bread

29. Possibilities

30.  Sunsets 

31. Happy People

Okay, so I threw in 31 things. Today’s my birthday and I’m a rebel with a cause, forgive me. What three things make you happy?