Project 100 No's

Rejection is a bad word that we're conditioned to fear early on. Who wants to be rejected? 

I do! That's right. I have had some of the best opportunities and things awarded to me after being rejected. 

If you ever feel discouraged when you hear the word “No,’ remember that if you don’t hear “No” ENOUGH, you’re not asking ENOUGH people! 

In life you have to put yourself out there, take that leap of faith, all that good stuff. Being afraid of hearing "No!" Should be the least of our concerns.

If I get to 100 No's then I should get at least 10 Yeses. Stop holding on to those talents with an imaginary days on when you're going to get started. 

Wanna know a secret? It took me two years to start coaching even though I had been counseling for years and "coaching" and mentoring everyone I knew for years. I was scared of what people would think. All the confidence I had was in a corner. One day I was coaching a peer and she said "you should really expand on this coaching to women everywhere." And at that moment, I knew I had to. The four or five people that I thought would have negative comments were not my concern. I had lives to change. 

I figure between DIVAS, Inc (my non-profit organization for girls) and Kimber Lee Online, I will be at 100 No's in a year. 

Anyone want to join me on this project 100 journey? If you say NO it's okay, I can dig it, I'm getting prepared for rejection.

I'll share the raw and ugly no's and the beautiful yeses.