ABC’S of Self Love

Just as the alphabet is the foundation for words, sentences, communication, and education. These ABC’s of self-love are the foundation for a euphoric life full of joy.

A is for Acceptance. Accept yourself as you are TODAY!

B is for Be Kind. Be Kind to yourself.

C is for Cultivate. Cultivate your truth.

D is for Distance. Distance yourself from things and people that don't bring you joy.

E is for Evaluate. Every 90 days do a self-evaluation. Are current actions getting you to where you want to  be in life? Are they aligned with your truth? 

F is for Feelings. Allow yourself to feel an array of emotions. If your sad, it's ok, embrace it. Too many times we hide emotions to appease others or because society has taught us just to be "happy," and content. 

G is for Gravitate. Gravitate towards your North Star. What’s leading you in life?

H is for Humility. “Clarity and consistency are not enough: the quest for truth requires humility and effort.”
I is for Invest. Invest in yourself. Not just a pair of shoes and a Pedi, but things that will enhance the quality of your life, i.e. personal trainer, life coach. 

J is for Joy. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” 

K is for Keep. Keep your head up beautiful.  

L is for Love. Love yourself enough to not compromise yourself 

M is for Move on

N is for Nurture. Nurture your strengths! 

O is for Own. Own your truth! 

P is for Protect. Protect your insecurities. 

Q is for Question. Question things and situations until you gain clarity. 

R is for Respect. Respect yourself! 

S is for Sexy. Preserve your sexy

T is for Transparency. Be transparent and allow others to see your inner light.

U is for understanding. Seek to understand, then to be understood. 

V is for voids. Fill the voids.

W is for worth. Know your worth

X is for excitement (ehhh).  

Y is for youth.

Z is for Zest.  Find your Zest, things and people that bring you excitement and enjoyment.