Journaling to Happy



Are you happy? What does happy look like for you? Daily I help women get to their happy. However, each woman defines it differently. The pursuit of happiness is ongoing and unattached from people and things. 

In my sessions with the girls I mentor through Divas, Inc., my nonprofit organization, I focus on the exploration of emotions. Try knowing and understanding how you feel and react will help with defining your happy.

Do you journal? If not, you should. Picking out a pretty journal and a nice pen would be my favorite part of the process. I would often forget to journal for a few days and then all together. When you make change to daily habits, a mind shift occurs. 

Stick to a diet for 21 days and see how it's easier to pass up fatty foods. 

It takes 21 days of repeatedly doing something before your mind registers it as a habit. Some people need as long as 60 days. For this reason, my development programs are a minimum of 90 days for motivated women seeking change. 

If you haven't found your happy. If you need help defining your happy. Or if you want to cultivate positivity and measure your growth. Get a journal. 

Every day. Yes, every day journal these five things. 

Every morning before starting your day complete these:

1. Today I am thankful for: (list five things) 

2. I am: (an affirmation)

If you aren't there yet, speak it into existence. What do you want to become?

Each night before bed, reflect on your day with these:

3. What were the three best parts of my day? 

4. One trait that I really love about myself is:

5. One positive thing that I can do to make tomorrow better is:

The power of positive thinking is one of the greatest tools you have to living euphorically.