10 Reasons You Need to Use Evernote In Your Business

Evernote used to have a tagline: remember EVERYTHING!

And because of that most people get overwhelmed with Evernote. They aren't really sure what to do or where to put everything.

10 Reasons You Should Use Evernote In Your Online Business


Here are 10 reasons to use Evernote in your business:

1. You can store EVERYTHING related to your biz in one place. Think of Evernote as your business hub.

[This alone should be the reason you start using Evernote in your business today...but I will proceed.]

2. You can access your business' everything from the cloud via computer, iOS or android device. So whenever you have an amazing idea open up Evernote, wherever you are.

3. Don't feel like typing out thoughts, use the talk to text option...boo yah! Feeling like a girl boss yet?

4. Sign up for a challenge, but don't have time to do it live. Email it to your Evernote and get to it when it's more convenient. Saves space in your email + you can even set up a reminder of when to go and look at the email you forwarded.

5. The Evernote web clipper is exactly what you need when you're ready to steal like an artist or keep up with the Kardashians.

6. Keep track of all the post-it's, business cards, handwritten notes and brain dumping notes that you have lying around your desk, that you can never seem to find, when you need them.

7. You can encrypt text, that you don’t want a “random” person reading.

8. Connect IFTTT to save your favorite things across the web into specific folders automatically. [Even everything you screenshot on your iphone...say what? Yes girl, even screenshots!]

9. Unlike other cloud storage applications, your upload MB resets every month.

10. Communicate and share notes and notebooks with your team, clients and biz besties.

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