You’ve been in business for a while now...

 3-5 years or judgment

You love the FREEDOM that working for yourself affords you. You work hard and you love the work that you do. 

A lady boss. A girl boss. A femmepreneur. You are the BOSS! 

What you don’t love is ALL the time the business takes up. 

You're making money, but you know there has to be a better way to streamline things. 

You’re overwhelmed because...well it’s just you!  

You're confused & you waste countless hours each week trying to google an answer. 

Every glorious part of your business is touched by you and you take pride in the quality of your end product. You just want some time away from the computer and doing the day to day tasks EVERY day ALL day.

Hey hey, I’m Kimber. I’ve been there! Working 80 hours + for myself to avoid 40 hours for someone else. It’s a cute meme for social media, but I wanted the FREEDOM that comes with being an entrepreneur. I wanted time to enjoy my family and my rewards that I was working so hard for. Real freedom. 

Sleepless nights over a laptop doubles your chances of developing bags under the eyes. And last time I checked, they weren’t designer bags either.

I’m here to help you streamline your business through proven systems and strategies. I'm the one girl you want ALL up in your business.

Who doesn't want more money? more time? more clients? 

Let's UP LEVEL your business and life  


I’m a mommy of three dreamers

Beyonce and I are sisters [ Don’t’s impolite to pry into family matters]

I’m married to this guy named Huni. I think he’s gorgeous but I’m biased.

I’m a psychologist. 

I love laughing. I'm a little silly. Okay a lot.  

I’m a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur.

Scandal is my fave TV show.

I love to talk about biz.  

I love girl talk. 

Oprah is my aunty. 

I strategize systems with chic savvy solopreneurs just like you. You know make the unsexy sexy. Find your session over here