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3386 Holland Road
Virginia Beach, VA, 23452

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Chic business strategist for solopreneur women in their first few years of business. Kimber Lee, the biz bestie, provides small business tips, online marketing tips, and strategies to help streamline online business for women. 


Chic Systems Starter Package

Chic business strategist for solopreneur women in their first few years of business. Kimber Lee provides small business tips, online marketing tips, and strategies to streamline online business for women.  

You log into your computer and your TDL (to-do-list) looks like the Magna Carta and you haven't even added what you couldn't get done yesterday. To ease your mind as you sip some Starbucks you scroll Instagram and see this:


As much as you love Beyoncé, today is not the day. You don't have the help she has or the systems. A 9-5 is starting to look really appealing to you. You love your biz, but you just want a taste of this freedom every entrepreneur screams about.

Chic Systems Mastery is a one-on-one four week coaching program that creates a customized system structure for your business. Systems are rules that you set up for your biz. They are the checks and balances to ensure that you are doing everything that needs to be done. Systems allow for you to get sick and your biz’ immune system to go untouched. They automate your business through tools and strategy. Systems eliminate overwhelm because you are prepared for this and that.

Assessment + innovation+ brainstorming between two bombshells = 4 weeks of strategic implementation towards success and freedom.


I’m Kimber Lee and I help women solopreneurs like you to strategize their business so they can truly experience the FREEDOM of being an entrepreneur. I am the one girl that you want ALL up in your business. 

The knowledge and education that she has about being an entrepreneur, managing finances, and goal setting is exceptional. Kimber helped me create fool-proof systems from scratch. We also created a wholesale system that has increased my income and freedom.
— L. Peyton


  • You finally have a structured business

  • You will have 30% more time each week

  • You’re no longer stressed and overwhelmed

  • You can afford to hire help and finally have the structure to delegate tasks

  • You can unplug from the internets twice a week with no worries

Breakdown of the upcoming four weeks: 

Week 1: Daily Systems 

Daily schedules to include personal and business

Self Care

Time Management 


Week 2: Content Creation

Editorial Calendar

Promotional Calendar

90 day Pink Print 

Week 3: Money Generation

Sales Funnel 


Payment Gateways

Week 4: Marketing System

Email Marketing 

Social Media 

Client Attraction

Ready to streamline your business?


Pay via Paypal and book your first session.

You’ll receive an email with a questionnaire that you must complete assessment before our first session.

We will conduct our sessions via Skype [audio].  

You will call me at our scheduled time.

The sessions will be recorded and sent to you following the call.

Each week we will strategize and implement one system.

After our sessions I will send you homework to help put everything we discussed in action.

You will have unlimited email access in between our sessions and one week following your last week.

A pink print [blue print] of strategies for the next 90 days to ensure you are prepared.

Still have questions? Shoot me an email Kimber {at}