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Chic business strategist for solopreneur women in their first few years of business. Kimber Lee, the biz bestie, provides small business tips, online marketing tips, and strategies to help streamline online business for women. 


Yoga pants are deceitful...don't let your bottom line be too

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Kimber Lee teaches how to systemize your business and how to implement project management tasks to automate your business. Get rid of overwhelm, confusion, and wasted time with systems. Gain more money & more time. 

Yoga pants are deceitful...don't let your bottom line be too

Kimber Lee


Yoga pants are part of the work from home dress code. However, It's hard to notice that you've gained weight when yoga pants are your go to pants. Yoga pants are flattering and stretch like it's nobody's business. Even if you notice your yoga pants are tight when you first put them on, the power of Lycra makes you comfortable in minutes.

The reality is you know your yoga pants haven't seen the Yoga mat or the gym in a while.

 Oh no she didn't.

& did. 


Typically what we focus on is what grows.

However that isn't always true with thighs or booties.  Or your business bottom line.

You know the income after all expenses (general, admin costs, interest charges, etc.)  have been deducted from your revenue (net profit). 

Focus and action are two different things.

Most entrepreneurs have no idea what their bottom line looks like, nor do they have a budget, or make time in their schedule to even review the financials. It's usually a quick look in PayPal- transfer to bank account and pay who and what is needed.

Boom! Financial System

When was the last time you looked at the numbers? The real numbers, not likes or follows, but conversions and expenses. What do you need to get where you want to be? Where do you even want to be? 

In the beautiful words of my brother: 

Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.
— Jay Z


You can ignore the numbers but don't be surprised when December comes and you haven't reached your money  goals. Focus on your goals, take action, then assess how the action is doing, and take action again based on the assessment. 

focus +Action + Assessment + action = Success

(the one formula you need to remember)

Can you imagine getting fitted for that little black dress for a holiday occasion and you didn't account for your new bottom? Every morning you pulled out a pair of yoga pants and Lycra worked its magic. You indulged in golden oreos, because they’re vegan so you might as well have the “healthy” snacks. You skipped meals because you were so engrossed in your business and weren’t really hungry. You skipped the gym because wanted to and you’re the BOSS. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and your focus wasn’t on your bottom line it was on doing the things you love in your business and life.

Yoga pants are deceitful. *sigh*  

Business is a series of moving parts. There are some parts that you will adore and can’t wait to do (the fun and creative part of your expertise), and the other parts where you ignore until it smacks you right in the face and says:



If you have a business and want to make money, you need to have a solid financial system. Spoiler alert: PayPal is not a financial system.

Financial systems include budgets, quarterly assessments, accounting program, sales funnels, and processes to manage invoices and returns.

3 chic tips to a basic financial system:

1. Write down ALL your business expenses and cancel any programs/tools that you aren't using.  Even that gym membership if you aren’t going.

2. Create a budget for your business & STICK to it!

3. Sign up for Wave Apps to monitor your money.