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Chic business strategist for solopreneur women in their first few years of business. Kimber Lee, the biz bestie, provides small business tips, online marketing tips, and strategies to help streamline online business for women. 


Werk Wednesdays Series

Blog | Chic Business Strategies for Solopreneurs |

Kimber Lee teaches how to systemize your business and how to implement project management tasks to automate your business. Get rid of overwhelm, confusion, and wasted time with systems. Gain more money & more time. 

Werk Wednesdays Series

Kimber Lee

Working online you learn the ins and outs of online business. That and the fact that I adore online biz. I read books, articles, listen to podcasts, and attend webinars all on business. Alot of people say the same things, but with their own spin. That's the beauty of the internets-adding your own spin. However, there are some things that are just classic and must have's/must do! 

On social media I see soooo many "no's" and "hunay who told you..." So instead of shaking my head at these occurences, I am offering some advice to the new online female entrepreneur. Audio + images + blog posts all designed to teach. It will be very simple things, that it would be assumed people know. However, post after post confirms...not everyone knows.