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Chic business strategist for solopreneur women in their first few years of business. Kimber Lee, the biz bestie, provides small business tips, online marketing tips, and strategies to help streamline online business for women. 


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Kimber Lee teaches how to systemize your business and how to implement project management tasks to automate your business. Get rid of overwhelm, confusion, and wasted time with systems. Gain more money & more time. 

How I wanted to save the world

Kimber Lee

What did you want to do when you were a child?

I wanted to save the world. I wanted to make everyone happy. Pretty ambitious/typical for a child, eh? Society convinced me that I couldn't save the world. Then I realized society is a word we all hide behind. Who is society? How many people consist of this society, that so many of us have found fear in? Either it's fear of disappointing, being ostracized by, or whatever fear we convince ourselves of. Once I got over imaginary society, I decided I can still "save" the world and make people happy.  Is society holding you back?

Our natural strengths combined with passion makes us unstoppable...only when consistent.

What are your natural strengths?

I believe my natural strengths are that I'm friendly (maybe too friendly), compassionate, genuine, creative, and I'm real. I asked the people closest to me what my three-five best characteristics are. This was about a year are their responses...unedited:





free spirit


Being humble


Hard worker

Detailed oriented

extremely creative








You r smart







open minded










spoiled brat! Lol



great mother

 and best of all Great wife!







sense of humor





Ur a caring hands on mom, thats intelligent, humorous, I'm looking for the word that describes ppl that think outside the box

Your passion,Your beautiful smile,Creative Energy & Realism


Can you guess which response was my huni?

I measure up pretty well. I make an effort to show up daily. What does that mean? I am conscious about my moves and decisions and especially my thoughts. Every morning I start with my journal. I make an affirmation that I am here to help and I will help x amount of people on that day. Back in 2004 I also made a conscious decision to ensure that every interaction I had with others was authentic and genuine. So what you see with me is what you get. I don't say things to make anyone feel better or worse, I tell the truth. With my realism, there are often times, I hold my tongue. If I know the person is not capable of processing the truth, I won’t harm them with a truth that will only harm them, just to get them to see the light. That just proves I think I’m right. It does no good for either of us. Most people have aversions to the truth; despite verbalizing they really want it.  I’m in the helping business, not the hurting, but I will guide you to your truth. If you’re ready.

Human relationships are extremely important to me. I put forth extra effort with people. I give chances. I forgive and I forgive. I don't always forget, but guess what?!? I'm human. My friends call me “neutral nancy.” I pretty much get along with everyone.  There's no chance in that, I make a conscious effort. Daily I laugh, I smile, and make strangers feel as if we are best friends reunited, and I apologize when I'm wrong. Anyone that doesn't like me is either pre my conscious efforts or a woman scorned. Note: don't waste energy on trying to win over haters. Despite how freaking amazing you are (and you are) some people just can't deal with all the sunshine God has placed in you. Channel that energy to loving those that love you even more.

Every day I’m focused on helping someone to become a better person, whatever that looks like to them. I might not save the world, but I'm definitely making deposits so it will be better. Live consciously, no more drifting and going with the flow. I want you to show up every day, show up and show out!

Live. Love. Action.

1.    What are your three to five best characteristics?

2.    Ask three people closest to you what they think your best characteristics are?

3.    Compare the lists. Any similarities? What contrasts should you work on?

4.    Try to live every day on purpose...your purpose