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Virginia Beach, VA, 23452

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Chic business strategist for solopreneur women in their first few years of business. Kimber Lee, the biz bestie, provides small business tips, online marketing tips, and strategies to help streamline online business for women. 


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Kimber Lee teaches how to systemize your business and how to implement project management tasks to automate your business. Get rid of overwhelm, confusion, and wasted time with systems. Gain more money & more time. 

Cultivate your truth!

Kimber Lee

What is your truth? It's all you have honey. 


Who are you? 

What are your strengths? 

What are your weaknesses? 

What are your values? 

What are your boundaries?

What do you stand for? 

What three things enhance your happiness? (Do more of that!) 

What skeletons are left in your closet? (Clean that closet out!) 

Who hurt you?

How have you hurt?

Who do you love? 

Who loves you? 

What's the last lie you told? 

What relationship plagues you the most? 

What relationship makes your soul happy?

Who do you need to apologize to?

What apology are you waiting on?

What do people depend on you for?

What do you depend on others for? 

What do you aspire to become?

Only 2% reading this will answer those questions thoughtfully and truthfully. 

Cultivating your truth means getting to know yourself fully. Knowing your grounds and the base of every thought, decision, and action. This is done through awareness (questions above) and acceptance. Once you've accepted your truth (the good, the bad, and the ugly) cultivate it as you would a small child. 

Communicate this is my truth....”I am”...! Whatever “I am” is.It will either bring you peace or discomfort.

If the "I am" brings you discomfort, those are parts of your truth that you should work on. Cultivate your truth! Seek to nurture and learn as much about yourself each day. 

Every decision you make is based on your truth. Not your mama's, not your daddy's, not that man that left you, not the man you left, not your kids, not your pastors, but yours! 

What's your truth?